Ledger31 is a mobile, client-friendly, and purpose-driven accounting firm that caters to the small business and non-profit community. We provide full accounting services from bookkeeping to payroll to federal tax preparation.


We understand that each business in each industry has specific needs. We also know that any accounting and bookkeeping performed must be meaningful and understandable for the owner and manager. Customer service at Ledger31 means that our clients get timely and correct accounting that they can also understand.


Ledger31 has a special interest in construction and we understand the unique challenges that smaller construction shops and owner-operators face. We have multi-state payroll and compliance knowedge, as well as experience with union and non-union shops. We know that certified payroll and monthly compliance reports can hold up payment if not done timely and correctly. We know construction.


Non-profits and churches have specific needs for their bookkeeping and compliance, we have many years’ experience in just that. Ledger31 has the technical skills and knowledge for non-profit accounting along with a big helping of friendly communication to ensure we are all understanding each other. Rules, regulations, and accounting can be hard to understand, but we are here to help.